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Interestingly, there isn't a single story covering this in the mainstream media that I could find.

Let's quarantine that computer off." If it looks like a videogame, that's not entirely an accident. What we're doing is we're putting a lotta devices on it that are unsecure. Affirmative, unlocking garage side door.]Dan Kaufman: Today, all the devices that are on the Internet the "Internet of Things" are fundamentally insecure. ]There are already horror stories of this happening to baby monitors and smart kitchen appliances. The masking tape is only there because we agreed to obscure its make and model. As the car's computer tried sorting it out, the hacker inserted an attack that reprogrammed the software, gaining total remote control. Kathleen Fisher: --the horn Lesley Stahl: They're doing that? Lesley Stahl: They could control the gas, the acceleration?

Before DARPA, Kaufman made a fortune running several cutting-edge videogame companies. He helped invent the popular war-game series "Medal Of Honor."Dan Kaufman: And then 9/11 happened. And I thought, "I've lived incredibly well off this country and I want to give something back." But I have no idea how to work for the government. Lesley Stahl: So if somebody got into my refrigerator Dan Kaufman: Yes. Your milk'll go bad or--"It's sort of prankish," right--Lesley Stahl: Yeah, prankish. Dan Kaufman: We'll give them the illusion they control the car, for now.

The man the Department of Defense has put in charge of inventing technology to fight this new Internet war is Dan Kaufman. Lesley Stahl: And the idea is that these computers have been hacked? Lesley Stahl: And someone has control of them and is taking secret information away from the military. And before, as you saw, it'd be completely invisible to us 'cause you're hiding among tens of thousands of computers around the world. Dan Kaufman: That's exactly right, except moving of actual science and cyberdefense. So the idea is it has to be something really revolutionary.

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Patient data appears not to have been accessed and dumped online as a result of the NHS cyber attack, Amber Rudd has said.

Speaking to ITV News, the home secretary said that "45 different parts of the NHS" had been affected by the ransomware attack, but insisted the UK's response to the incident had been "good".

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He heads the software innovation division of DARPA - the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, tasked with maintaining our military technological superiority. Now, you and I can see this very quickly and we know exactly what's going on. Now DARPA Dan has top secret clearance, though his department looks like an arcade. This man is working on artificial intelligence software that would detect a hacker attack in real-time and plug it in milliseconds with no humans involved. Kathleen Fisher: That's the windshield wiper fluid. Is-- is-- so this is something that a hacker h--Kathleen Fisher: That's right. Dan Kaufman: When they come out, and they are facing straight there, like away from us - just sayin'Carl: A-ha.

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