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The original Prime Minister is still in charge, and still preferring a general policy of "hide your eyes and hope the problem goes away." Yattaran makes a specific reference to the enemy that they are about to confront being "potentially a greater danger than the Mazone," the alien invaders from the first series, who never appeared or were even mentioned in any subsequent stories.

It even pretends to address the two different designs of the Arcadia, showing the original blue version in flashbacks and the better-known green version for the "present-day" scenes.

About eighty percent of this series is set up as if to be a direct sequel to the Space Pirate series.

The remaining twenty percent is dedicated to making the notion of its being a Space Pirate sequel absolutely and unquestionably impossible.

While this is a cartoon, it would not be appropriate for children.

Since the beliefs that parents want to instill in their children can vary greatly, we ask that, instead of adding your personal opinions about what is right or wrong in a film, you use this feature to help parents make informed viewing decisions by describing the facts of relevant scenes in the title for each one of the different categories: Sex and Nudity, Violence and Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, and Frightening/Intense Scenes.

The teaser trailer showed during the Tokyo Anime Fair promised to deliver what fans had been waiting for.

Glenn Erickson left a small town for UCLA film school, where his spooky student movie about a haunted window landed him a job on the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS effects crew.

He’s a writer and a film editor experienced in features, TV commercials, Cannon movie trailers, special montages and disc docus.

Harlock has already been rebooted several times over the years, long before the term "reboot" was actually coined, so it shouldn't have been a big deal, but some fans feared that Harlock's move to the big screen would bring about unwelcomed changes to the Harlock mythology.

Harlock's fan base is known as the "Harlock Generation" (at least in France and Quebec).

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But he’s most proud of finding the lost ending for a famous film noir, that few people knew was missing.

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