Is dating roommate bad

I’m the one who doesn’t clean up after myself, pitch in enough for toilet paper, or wasn’t unaware that Chinese lanterns are so flammable because I was just trying to make the place look nice! It’s an unwritten law that if you dirty the pots and pans, you will also undirty them.I’ve dealt with too many piles of dishes and filthy floors and didn’t know how to mention it to the perpetrator without it being weird and seeming like a parent.

Examining Your Feelings Deciding What to Do Considering Moving Out Hiding Your Feelings Acting On Your Feelings Community Q&A You finally found someone you can live with!No expensive cab or train rides can keep you from seeing one another.Playing house is fun for a while – cooking for each other, binging on Netflix while cuddled on the sofa. But problems start to arise when you’re forced to be in the presence of your roommate/significant other 24/7. Arguments about laundry and dirty dishes become commonplace – issues that typically only arise in long-term relationships.Last night, he brought home a girl and it pissed me off way more than I thought it would.I don’t think I want to date him, but I do feel closer to him since it happened — will I look crazy if I ask him to do his business elsewhere?

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