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He told police Veihdeffer often babysits children that stay at the home, the report says.The man told police he examined the fixture, and found it to be a towel hook that concealed a hidden camera with a micro USB port and a 16GB micro SD card, the report says.Veihdeffer admitted to police that he installed the camera in the bathroom so that it faced the toilet, the report states.Veihdeffer told police “some people that had been over at the house may have been stealing things from him, so he put up the camera to catch this act,” the report states.Yes they are - videos can be played back on any PC or Mac computer.For best playback performance we recommend downloading and playing back your videos with VLC Media Player, a free download at The man told police he noticed a black fixture on the inside of the bathroom door that appeared and disappeared several times, the report states.

This allows you to never have to worry about recharging batteries.

You might also be interested in a nanny cam, which can be placed where children are taken care of by a nanny or babysitter.

Nanny cameras are some of the most popular hidden cameras because they can give parents peace of mind about the wellbeing of their children while they are at work or even traveling.

Choose between motion activated or continuous recording.

In motion mode video files are recorded whenever there is movement, and in continuous mode the camera records continuously regardless of motion.

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