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gaminesque, gardenesque, gastriloquial, gastriloquism, gastriloquist, gastriloquous, gastriloquy. grandesque, grandiloquence, grandiloquences, grandiloquent, grandiloquently, grandiloquous, grassquit, grecque, grecques, griffinesque, griquaite, grotesque, grotesquely, grotesqueness, grotesquenesses, grotesquer, grotesquerie, grotesqueries, grotesquery, grotesques, grotesquest. A form-class word that can usually be made plural or possessive, as in boy, boys, boy's.Nouns fill the headword slot in noun phrases (my old California I will be going).

giantesque, gigantesque, giottesque, gipsyesque, giraffesque.

A word that substitutes for a nominal as in Sam tried to stop laughing, but he couldn't do i.t.

Types of pronouns include demonstrative pronouns (this, these, that, those), personal pronouns (I, me, it, you, etc.), indefinite pronouns (every, everyone, many, any, etc.), relative pronouns (who, that, which), and reflexive pronouns (myself, yourself, himself, etc.).

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