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Having sex with a person who is younger than the age of consent (but who agrees to have sex) is called statutory rape.

The person below the minimum age is regarded as a victim, and their sex partner as the offender.

– Ashley female, age 17, USA Dear Ashley, If both people having consensual sex are the same age, it's not statutory rape.

But it may be confusing to some people about the term "minor" and the concept of when it is "legal" to have sex. I read that as long as there is no more than 3 years' difference, it is legal. – Confused female, age 16, USA Dear Confused, It is illegal to have sex with him, because the age of consent in California is 18.

(3) the commission of the offense is facilitated by furnishing thevictim, without the victim's knowledge, with a drug (as defined in IC16-42-19-2 (1)) or a controlled substance (as defined in IC 35-48-1-9) orknowing that the victim was furnished with the drug or controlled substancewithout the victim's knowledge.(a) A person at least eighteen (18) years of agewho, with a child at least fourteen (14) years of age but less thansixteen (16) years of age, performs or submits to sexual intercourse ordeviate sexual conduct commits sexual misconduct with a minor, a Class Cfelony.Under the Criminal Code of Canada anyone under the age of 16 cannot legally consent to any form of sexual activity, from kissing to intercourse.It means that adults are criminally liable if they have sex with someone under that age.For example, in Wisconsin the age of consent for sex is 18. Marriage usually prevents a party to the marriage from being charged under sexual assault laws, as long as both husband and wife are at least 16 years, although not if one of the parties is younger than this age and one is older.which means having sex with anyone below that age by anyone over that age is illegal.

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